Project Pop-up: Night Market was a success.  Pie Guy brought 29 pies (1 got sold to our roommate) and sold them all in about 3 hours.  We got rid of all our fliers, too, so I hope to see some return fans at our next event.

We also served as geographical billboards for our brothers down-under.

We’re working on finding the right balance of professional and personable attitude.  We don’t want to seem disorganized, but we had a lot of fun just winging it.  I think what we really need is a good triangle spatula and some more appropriate knives.

I was amazed at how many people showed up to buy pie.  We had a few people say that we were recommended by other market goers. Some customers even returned to tell us how much they enjoyed it.  One lady said “That pie was divine”, which pleases me endlessly.  I had wondered what the pie god would want as a sacrifice (and I’m still open to suggestions), but having our pie called divine is a good start on our way to pie virtue, I think.

Captain Loo surveying his patronage.

The vainglorious aside, we had a really good time.  We set out to sell people some food that they’d really enjoy and consider affordable and accessible.  A couple times we had to haggle out a purchase and it felt good to see that we didn’t lose out by cutting deals and helping people who only had a few bills.

I want to thank Bethany Tucke and everyone at The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership for making this event happen.  Special mention to my friend Jack Dougherty who works for PDP and volunteered his time to help out.  It’s the kind of thing I wish would go down more often.  We’d certainly love to do it again.

Our next move is trying to find somewhere else to sell pie.  We’ll post any news on here.  You can also look forward to some recipes in the next post.

“The Pie Guy is yonder”

Later on,