Hey there, Pie Fans! 

Well, it’s that time of year again! You know, the one when we all crowd around a huge table full of delicious comfort food grandma spent the whole week cooking? The one when we eat until we can’t possibly eat any more, then manage to still find room for dessert? The one when–after having passed out during seven hours of football–we come to and realize there’s still some of that delicious dessert and decide to grab just the tinciest slice? 

That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving! And the Pittsburgh Pie Guy is here to help you celebrate such a grand (and filling) event. We’ll provide you with the capstone of the evening, the crown jewel of all proper feasts: PIE. Apple, pumpkin, pecan – whatever your fancy, we’ll make it! 

You can order a pie by shooting us an email at pittsburghpieguy@gmail.com with what kind of pies you want (we’ll make anything…seriously…but our best fall pies listed on our order page), what type of crust (regular, chocolate, graham cracker), and when you would like them. Payment is due upon delivery (credit card, debit card, cash, or check….please specify how you’ll be paying in the email!). All pies are $20 each. Please inform us of any allergy or diet restriction concerns!

Get your orders in quick! Turkey Day is just around the corner!