Pie Fans! As you know, Pi Day, or March 14, is fast approaching (mathematical!). So to celebrate, we’re baking up some pies available for a 25% discount (that’s $15 dollars each) on Pi Day. To keep things simple, we’re baking two kinds: apple (with a lattice) and banana cream (with a graham cracker crust).

We’re only baking a few, so order yours fast! But if we end up baking too many, we’ll simply give the rest away to the good citizens of Pittsburgh by the slice on Pi Day to celebrate pieness. So if you’re hoping not enough people order these pies, follow our twitter feed on March 14 to find out where in the city we’ll be giving away pies. 

If you’d like to preorder a pie for delivery or pickup on March 14, give Lou a ring at 724-355-9126 or email us at pittsburghpieguy@gmail.com. Apple or banana cream only, $15 each. 

Happy Pi Day!