Hey pie fans, we’re announcing our 2013 Easter Pie Menu! We’re baking three seasonal pies just for Christ’s resurrection! They are as follows:

– Chard Pie: a simple veggie pie filled with swiss chard, olive oil, and parmesean cheese. $20

– Lamb and Mint: a meat pie filled with stewed lamb, mint, and red wine (the Shepherd and His flock all in one crust!): $25

– Rustico, or Italian Easter Pie: a traditional Italian explosion of meat, cheese, and egg – ham, proscuitto, and sopressata with ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, and mozzarella and a few eggs in case your cholesterol wasn’t already high enough after one slice! $30


We’ll be doing these pies only for Easter (unless one is wildly popular), so order now! You can guarantee yourself an Easter pie if you preorder one (or more…) by Thursday, March 28. Will be available for delivery or pickup till noon (12pm) on Easter Day!

Call Lou at 724-355-9126 or email us at pittsburghpieguy@gmail.com to put in your Easter order!