Pie fans!

There’s some new and exciting things happening in the PPG world this week – for the first time, we’ll be providing some mini meat pies at DJ’s Butcher Block in Bloomfield (4623 Liberty Ave). They’ll be available in the cooler to take home and warm up. Every week we’ll make different meat pies, ranging from chicken pot pie to English pork pie, steak mushroom and ale pie, and lamb curry pies. You can find them there starting Wednesday of this week!

And don’t forget we’ll have sweet pies on the regular down at Dobra Tea in Squirrel Hill starting this Wednesday. So if you need your pie fix and miss me at the market, head down for a cup of delicious tea and a slice of pie (and be sure to have a seat on the floor cushions at the low tables – you’ll feel just like you’re in Morocco!). 

Here’s the market schedule to get some of those delicious fruit and pecan pies:

Wed. 9/11: Fox Chapel, Farmers Market, Shady Side Academy, 423 Fox Chapel Rd, 3:00-6:00p

Fri. 9/12: North Side, Farmers Market, East Commons Park (Cedar Ave & East Ohio St), 3:30-7:30p 

Sat. 9/14: Strip District, Farmers at the Firehouse, Penn Ave, between 22nd & 23rd St, 8:00a-1:00p

Flavors this week: apple, peach, chocolate pecan. Some flavors to look forward to in the coming weeks will be sweet potato, butter nut squash, and pumpkin as the weather gets chillier and the pumpkin patches ripen!