Dearest Pie Fans! 

I’m hereby announcing the official formation of the Pittsburgh Gastronomy Club, a group I’ve been meaning to get going for the last couple of years. It’s a venue for cooks of all kinds and skill levels–both amateur and professional–to meet for cooking with each other. A community of people passionate about food whose aim is to encourage each other to learn and grow as cooks by exchanging knowledge, creating wonderful meals together, and forming strong bonds as friends over good, home-cooked food. 

The idea is just to cook together in various ways, with each member contributing their knowledge and learning from others. Positive reinforcement and encouragement is the name of the game – no snobby, destructive critiques but rather only constructive criticism. 

Right now there’ll be at least two meetings per month, with more frequent meetings as the group gets larger. I would like members to also propose meetings themselves. 

So if you’re interested in meeting others passionate about cooking and making good food (and of course eating it, too!) with them, then sign up for the group and come to our meetings!

-Lou the Pie Guy