Hey Pie Fans,

So now that the market season is long over and the busy holiday baking days are done, there still remains one important question: where the heck can you get a Pie Guy pie? Yes, it’s true, in the coming months we’ll open a pie cafe, replete with the glorious smell of those flaky treats baking in the air, slices of both sweet and savory, coffee, chocolate, and beer (yup!) — but until then we’re still baking underground. However, getting a pie (or two or five) is still as simple as….well, you know what.

Give Lou a ring at 724-355-9126 and discuss what you’d like. He’s an owner and principal baker and so can work with you to figure out the logistics of getting pies from the oven to your salivating mouth. Take a look at our winter menu for a rough idea of what we have to offer. For the creative and adventurous there are always more options! We do like to experiment….